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Big Tree is a leading provider of Multi CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions, offering cutting-edge technology to enhance the performance, reliability, and scalability of online content delivery. Big Tree Global Network Sdn Bhd, founded in 2022, is headquartered Singapore, and is known for its innovative approach to content delivery and its commitment to customer satisfaction. Big Tree provides a range of high-quality products such as the App Shield for gaming, virtual private network (VPN), DDoS protection, and high-defence servers.

With its proprietary MultiCDN platform, Goooood enables businesses to optimize the delivery of our digital content, including websites, videos, applications, and other online assets. By leveraging a network of global CDN providers, Goooood.com ensures that content is delivered from the most optimal server, reducing latency, increasing availability, and improving the overall end-user experience.
Goooood’s MultiCDN solution is powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, which continuously monitor the performance of different CDN providers and dynamically route traffic to the best-performing provider in real-time. To ensures that content is delivered quickly and reliably, regardless of the user’s location, device, or network conditions.

With its state-of-the-art technology, Goooood serves a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, media and entertainment, gaming, advertising, and more. The company’s solutions are trusted by leading brands around the world to deliver your content efficiently and effectively, ensuring a seamless online experience for our customers.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology, Goooood is known for its exceptional customer support and commitment to delivering value to its clients. The company’s team of CDN experts work closely with customers to understand your specific needs and tailor solutions that meet your requirements, providing ongoing monitoring, optimization, and support to ensure the best possible performance.

As a pioneer in the MultiCDN space, Goooood has received widespread recognition and accolades for its innovative approach to content delivery. The company has been featured in industry-leading publications and has received numerous awards for its excellence in delivering high-quality, reliable, and scalable MultiCDN solutions.
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