Testing Result
Test site
{{`${((fastest.dns_duration + fastest.connect_duration)/1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
{{`${((slowest.dns_duration+slowest.connect_duration) /1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
{{`${(average / 1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
average response time
ISP The Fastest The slowest
电信 移动 联通
{{`${((value[0].dns_duration + value[0].connect_duration)/1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
{{`${((value[value.length-1].dns_duration + value[value.length-1].connect_duration) /1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
Ip Proportion
{{((value / total) * 100).toFixed(3)}} %
Test Detail
Test spot PoPs IP PoPs Location Status Time
{{item.country_cn_name}} {{item.region_cn_name}} {{item.city_cn_name}}
{{`${((item.dns_duration + item.connect_duration ) /1000).toFixed(3)} s`}}
Sorry! You’ve run out of tests for today.
Your current identity is a tourist member , and the number of tests today is {{scoket.now_num}} / {{scoket.all_num}}
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